The Boltons of The Little Boltons The Tapu Garden of Eden #NanasSpecialDay The Short Stories #TheDolphin #Quickies For Viktor

The Boltons of The Little Boltons

The story of the few months the author and his wife spent working together as servants for a wealthy old couple in their large home of faded glory in The Little Boltons, one of London's most desirable addresses. $20.00

My Marian Year

My Marian Year is a fictionalised autobiography of a ten-year-old boy growing up in a Catholic working class family in suburban Auckland in 1954. $22.00

The Tapu Garden of Eden

Like 'The Whalerider', with which it has been favourably compared, this is a simple but compelling story from New Zealand with mystical qualities from a Maori cultural perspective. $13.50

The Collected Short Stories

This book combines the entire contents of the three short story collections below which can each be bought separately. $23.50

For Viktor. The story of Mussorgsky’s ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’.

Written in Modest Mussorgsky’s own voice as he guides a young companion around the picture exhibition which inspired him to write the suite of music he called 'Pictures at an Exhibition'. $7.50

Nana’s Special Day and other stories

Fifteen short stories set in Auckland at various times. $20.00

The Dolphin and other stories

Seventeen short stories about New Zealand and New Zealanders. $20.00


Each of these forty 'miniature' short stories contains only 500 words and can therefore be read in just two or three minutes. $20.00

'...Bolton clearly marks himself out as one of New Zealand's most readable short story writers.'

PDF preview PDF preview PDF preview PDF preview PDF preview My Marian Year


Dreamers is an infinitely flexible, adaptable and adjustable musical comedy play in four acts. It’s ‘flexible’, ‘adaptable’ and ‘adjustable’ because while there is a plot with true acting parts with dialogue — for six females and six males — it has been written in such a way that it can be contrived by the director to suit and show off various other theatrical talents (singing, dancing, ballet, music, indeed anything) of the cast, and the wider company, whatever they may be. There is also plenty of opportunity to enhance the individual performances with support artists (chorus, dancers, Maori and Pasifika cultural groups, group and solo musicians, even other theatrical performers such as acrobats and jugglers) depending entirely on the director’s desires and the talent available.

This flexibility makes it ideal for amateur and community theatre groups and societies and high-school drama- and music departments to maximise the involvement of all members regardless of ability.

A PDF file of Dreamers is available FREE and without obligation to amateur community theatre groups and societies, and to high schools, provided only that if they choose to stage it the author is advised of performance dates and venues and is acknowledged in the programme, advertising and promotions.

‘Dreamers’. A FREE musical comedy script that’s infinitely
flexible, adaptable and adjustable to suit any available talent.

Ideal for amateur and community theatre groups and high schools to ensure maximum possible involvement by all members regardless of ability.
And it’s FREE

Dreamers PDF preview of Act 1
PDF preview

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